Happiness in the Air

Written by Tan Nguyen

Happiness fills the air around,
Covering as a warm embraced,
Feeling wanted and loved,
Happy feelings don’t happen often,
When it does it’s something beautiful.

Happiness swirls around the air,
Casting it’s magical spells,
Affecting everyone as it touches,
Filling their hearts with blissfulness,
Enchanted with happy feelings,
Letting the spell take control,
Overwhelming and overpowering,
Welcoming the effects take over.

Often times in my life,
Happiness seems to pass me by,
Skipping me onto the next person,
Sadness normally replaces it,
Showing up more times than I liked,
Becoming my only companion,
On rare occasions when luck is there,
Happiness lands in my life,
Enjoying everything happiness,
Has to offer and loving each moment,
Filling the air around me,
With the marvelous affects of happiness.

The end

2 thoughts on “Happiness in the air

  1. Happiness never depends on luck. And it’s true that some experience more sadness than happiness in their lives.

    But keeping those moments in your memory box and letting them out when those sad moments come might help. They just might.

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