Inescapable Gavity

Written by Tan Nguyen

Spiralling downwards into darkness,
Plummeting deeper into the void,
Returning to a place filled with nothing,
Empty and barren with no way out,
Trapped within darkness itself.

Draining, sucking the life out,
Extinguishing the light which burned,
Once as brightly as the stars above,
Tortured as the sounds of echoes,
Responding to my own screams,
Unable to even see my own hands,
Blacker than night filled with shadows.

Journey downwards into nothingness,
Returning to a place I lived,
Welcoming me back home with a smile,
I knew you would be back, a voice says,
They always returned one day,
Impossible for anyone to truly escaped,
The voices continued to gloat,
Glad to have you back so soon,
Voices continues on with it’s mocking.

Deep into nothingness I am returning,
Blinded by the darkness as before,
Unable to comprehend my situation,
Fading away just like last time,
Sucking me dry of everything,
Draining the life right out of me,
Feelings of uselessness getting stronger,
Feelings of worthlessness gaining,
Hands of despair found its way,
Around my neck as it chokes me,
Reducing me into nothing,
Stripping me of everything,
Which made me human,
Swallowing me completely,
Until I am part of the void.

The end

7 thoughts on “Inescapable Gavity

  1. Thank you for visiting my page, I’m glad you did as it brought me to yours. I love the sense of pain and hopelessness in this poem. I have a poem with a similar theme that I will hopefully complete editing and post in the next few weeks.

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  2. A major mistake that some people make is thinking that the darkness is where they’re always going to be, or suppose to be. And if that thinking becomes belief, it makes it difficult to escape.

    Don’t get too relaxed somewhere that you’re not suppose to be. Small steps toward the exit leads to freedom.

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