Lyrics of my Heart

Written by Tan Nguyen

Written with musical melody,
Words expressed into songs,
Affecting me deeply within my heart,
Touching me in ways,
Never thought possible before.

Playing and listening certain songs,
It’s as if it was written about me,
Relating with the words being sung,
Feeling a powerful connection forming,
Knowing the emotions of someone else,
Aware of their feelings and experiences.

Touching my heart like nothing can,
Music is everything to me,
Calms me down when I am angry,
Losing myself into beats,
Shutting out the world for a while,
Expanding my mind and thoughts,
Looking through the eyes,
Of someone other than I,
Into the world we shared.

Music is food for the soul,
Never truly understand this expression,
As the years came and gone,
Making me older and hopefully wiser,
Finally understanding the meanings,
In which I never understood before.

The end

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