Written by Tan Nguyen

Sometimes the past shows itself,
Uninvited crashing back into my life,
Running great distances to escaped,
Believing I finally left it far behind,
Like the shadow which imitates,
Copying my every move,
The past has never been far away.

Turning back time through time glass,
Teleporting to the times of mistakes,
Wrongful decisions made recklessly,
Perhaps being rightful for a reason,
Standing there back in time,
Looking at my younger self,
Playing the scenes I already played,
Only this time around,
I’m a spectator in my own life.

Watching the events of my past unfold,
Witnessing for the very first time,
Being in a better position to understand,
Seeing the events clearly,
Without emotions and feelings,
Affecting my judgments nor thoughts,
In the heat of the moments,
Emotions running high without control,
Perhaps age and experiences,
Having a greater role than I thought.

Silently observing my younger self,
I wanted to scream out loud,
Telling myself to stop walking this path,
Before the words left my mouth,
Deep within a voice told me to stop,
Not to interfere with the past,
The past can never be changed,
The past can only be lessons,
To look back and learn from mistakes,
Gaining insights and knowledge,
To be applied for the future days,
Letting the past run its course,
Making me into the person I am today.

The end


11 thoughts on “Inescapable

  1. Sounds like you’re slowly coming into acceptance of what happened in the past, that’s a good thing, because if you keep on living in “if i had only” and “what if” modes, you will NEVER be able to face forward and embrace what life has planned for you.

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