Reminder to myself 27/01/2016

Remember when you started writing. That feeling which kept building up, kept going without any form of released. It was when writing came into your life and changed your life in many ways. Ways which you never even thought about before.

Many things has happened within the past year alone. Alot of trials and difficulties. Writing came into your life at that perfect moment. It has taught you how to expressed yourself and be heard. Not keeping it inside like before, until you exploded and lost control each time. Now your a little better at controlling your emotions and not letting the feelings control your actions.

Most important of all, your able to discover yourself. Its been a long time since you were able to look within yourself. It has been so long that you even forgotten what it felt like, being the real you. Writing has also helped you communicate better with people, opening up without misunderstanding you like before. It has really became a part of your life, not sure where how you could live a life without writing in the first place.

Writing also helped take the weight from your shoulders. Helping you carry the weight you had carried all these years alone. You feel lighter and now able to handle more things with a calmed mind. Writing isn’t an hobby, it has became your passion. More than that, writing is you.

End of reminder


8 thoughts on “Reminder to myself 27/01/2016

  1. Beautifully expressed. I appreciate how and what and why (and perhaps playfully?) this reminder came to be. I am different, as are we all. I write for me muchly if not mostly. Sometimes a compulsion, sometimes a sublimation, but overall to learn the skills to tickle myself wryly or dryly and occasionally all-wetly. I shall repost and share. Keep reminding yourself and if an old man might suggest and not just about writing. Again, thanks for the words – now, there, is my real compulsion: reading!

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