Beneath the Outter Skin

Wtitten by Tan Nguyen

Stars frozen above the world,
Into the darkness it stays,
Blinking away as time goes on by,
Twinkling for as long as it can,
Hoping beyond reasons for someone,
Glancing towards their direction,
Spotting the distressed signals,
Instead of saying how beautiful they are.

How many generations has passed by,
With every thoughts being the same,
Through ancient times to modern times,
Everyone that has looked into the sky,
Seeing only the beautiful twinkles,
Beyond those thoughts are nothing more,
Beneath the inner cores lay hidden,
Deeper meanings which no one knows.

Desperating trying to gained attention,
Seeking help is the reason why,
Blinking constantly each night,
Frozen in place since the beginning,
Stuck against the night’s sky,
Held in place since the creation of time,
Movement forbidden like punishment.

Eyes and thoughts always the same,
Beyond the beauty a secret is kept,
Beneath the layers a story is found,
Voices unable to travel across,
The great distances of the universe,
Still holding onto hope,
Hoping that one day near or far,
When eyes and thoughts,
Glazing into the night’s sky,
Instead of seeing beautiful displays,
They will say the stars are crying out,
They are desperately in need of help.

The end

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