To Nowhere

Written by Tan Nguyen

Many times had I tried,
Escaping the paths I walked upon,
When I finally thought I succeeded,
The paths has a way of coming back,
To where am I heading,
To where am I going,
If it ain’t to nowhere.

Pulling free from the destiny,
That grins with evil intents,
Breaking the depression,
Which consumes my waking moments,
Tearing myself free from despair,
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be,
Perhaps it’s my life’s purpose,
Being held down, unable to progress.

Fighting with all my strength,
Unble to break free from my curses,
Even when happiness finds me,
Self destructing like always,
What was beautiful once upon a time,
My influences is strong and might,
Corrupting any good in life,
Into something foul and horrible.

To nowhere is my destination,
Unable to break free from the forces,
No matter how I try,
No matter how strongly the attempts,
Eventually dragging me back,
In the darkest depths of turmoil,
Locking my thoughts and mind,
In a never ending negative curse.

Death sounds sweet and pleasant,
Mercy to the end of torment,
Ending the chaotic madness,
Which lives inside my soul,
Releasing me from all the pain,
Releasing me from all the hurt,
Releasing me from everything,
Even death looks upon my face,
With a smirk, turning away,
Rejecting my soul for being too corrupted,
To nowhere I shall walk,
Endlessly wandering without rest,
Eternity flaunting it’s power,
Ending neither here nor there.

The end


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