Acceptance in Denial

Written by Tan Nguyen

Often in my thoughts,
There are doubts which floats,
Second guessing myself,
Most times I find,
The courage to follow through,
Other times I changed my mind,
Letting doubt rule the day.

Acceptance of myself,
Hardest thing to achieve,
When the heart is filled,
With loathing and regrets,
Unforgiving nature,
With a pretentious smile,
Shamed to show the world,
What’s truly inside,
The weaknesses which,
Tearing into pieces,
The soul I have within.

Battle rages on daily,
Each moment more difficult,
Harder to sustained the defences,
Feeling the outta perimeters,
Being breached and cracked,
How longer shall my defenses last,
Before being exposed,
Revealing the weaknesses,
Which I tried so hard,
Kept hidden for so long.

Denial of my true existent,
Living in many illusions,
Created to protect myself,
Not letting anyone to know,
The person that I am,
The weakling which hides,
Beneath the bravery displayed,
Beneath the strength and courage,
Beneath it all,
There’s a scared little boy,
Whose afraid to face the world.

The end

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