Written by Tan Nguyen

Stepping into adulthood,
Accepting responsibility,
Childhood no longer,
Living past the stages,
When immaturity,
Could be forgiven,
Recklessness can be forgotten,
Those excuses no longer,
Valid into adulthood.

I am learning as I go,
Being responsible for my actions,
No longer am I a kid,
Time to stop acting like one,
Those days are gone,
Another pharse has begun,
Into the life as an adult,
Stepping into the roles,
Which has been delayed,
For such a long time.

Having another person,
Wanting to spend the rest,
Of their life with me,
Unfortunate person indeed,
Having a family with me,
To grow old together,
Time to pull myself together,
The future awaits,
Entering my mature years,
Being a adult from now on.

The end

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