I am a Scorpio

Written by Tan Nguyen

I am a Scorpio,
This is what I am,
My star sign,
Being proud and unashamed,
Defining the person I am,
Written into the heavens.

There are faults,
In every single signs,
Nothing is perfect,
All having our own faults,
As for me being a Scorpio,
Claiming my birthrights,
Destiny which awaits,
Fate which sets me on the path.

I know I am stubborn,
I know I am loyal,
Even if it’s to a fault,
Blindly, stubbornly protecting,
Once I deemed a person worthy,
I know my faults,
There are many,
That is true,
By knowing my faults,
I can only advanced myself,
Into the person I am meant to be.

I know I have inner knowledge,
Of intimacy without experiences,
Born with the wisdom,
In touching the souls,
I know my anger is quick,
Readily to attack,
If I feel being attacked first,
I know I am calm on the surface,
Beneath there’s volcano,
Ready to erupt any moment.

Written long before I was born,
Written above the world,
The person I am,
Was destined to be,
No matter how I lived my life,
No matter the struggles,
As difficult as they are,
Striving each moment,
Reaching heights never before,
Breaking boundaries of limitations,
Searching always for the truth,
Failure isn’t in my nature,
Afterall, I am stubborned,
Will not allow life to win.

The end

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