Inner Desires

Written by Tan Nguyen

No matter how hard I fight,
Telling myself I have no desires,
In being liked or loved,
Telling myself I don’t need anyone,
It’s me against the world,
Forget about anyone else,
That they don’t care,
Why should I returned emotions.

No matter how many times,
I tried to convince myself,
That it’s me against the world,
The desires within me grows,
Stronger till it’s an inferno,
Wishing, demanding to be heard,
Desiring to be wanted,
To be liked and loved,
To be cared for and to belong,
Fighting with myself,
Is draining and exhausting,
Until surrendering to my innerself,
I begun to let people into my life,
As the inferno of desires,
Burning brightly within,
Those same people,
Burnt me deeply from within.

Me against the world,
Is safe and sound,
Knowing my place,
The expectations in my mind,
For some reasons along the way,
The desires inside is so strong,
That I go against my own logics,
Resulting with what I have known,
Being burnt somewhere down the line,
Despite knowing all this,
I still go against myself,
Getting hurt in the process,
My inner desires,
Getting the better of me.

The end

17 thoughts on “Inner Desires

  1. Thank you for liking one of my posts. Your writings are good, and it make me click the FOLLOW button. I also like the theme, it’s simple but organized 🙂

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