Precious Moments

Written by Tan Nguyen

Sometimes on rare occasions,
Precious moments are created,
Leaving behind it’s mark,
Ingrained deeply within the memory,
Recalling those precious moments,
As time goes on.

Stored safely within the memory,
Memories made from what was,
Once upon a time during your life,
Kept protected as time passes by,
Memories created with a special person,
Cherished for all times to come,
Forever Imprinted within the heart.

Past happiness filled with pure joy,
Memories of a beautiful time,
When life was wonderful and lovely,
Before darkness descended down,
Devastating the world around you,
Affecting everything with it’s evil,
Destroying a life you once known.

During the reign of chaos,
When bleakness reaches,
It’s height of power,
When happiness is all but forgotten,
When a smile hasn’t been seen,
In such a long time,
Remembering those precious moments,
Drawing strength from the past,
Surviving another day.

In the face of utter despair,
Past memories made long ago,
Feelings as strong as ever,
Magically appearing a smile,
Upon a face that has seen so much,
A face which has forgotten how,
Smile, belonging to another time,
Another world different than now,
Resurrecting old emotions,
Buried deeply within a shattered soul.

Before a time of desperation,
There was a place of beauty,
Which existed long ago,
Maybe it has been forgotten,
Perhaps maybe even a lovely dream,
Only evidence which proves,
It was even there at all,
Kept safely hidden away,
Inside the mind of memories,
Created long ago of better times.

The end


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