Time of night

Written by Tan Nguyen

Deep into the night,
When everyone’s asleep,
Alone with my thoughts,
Drifting into my mind,
Hearing myself think,
When there’s not a stir.

Creatures are fast asleep,
Snoring into the night,
People are resting,
I am still wide awake,
Enjoying the presence,
Without any distractions,
Deep into the night,
My favorite time of all.

Able to focus completely,
Without interruptions,
Not a soul is awake,
Sleeping soundly away,
Snoring into the night,
Quiet and calm,
As the winds goes by,
Stars and the moon,
Already out to play,
Not a sound is heard,
Only the voices of nature,
Still calling out into the night.

Concentrating body and soul,
Expressing deeply within,
Alone with my thoughts,
Discovering more inside,
Going deeper than before,
Knowing myself better,
Spending time alone,
While no one else is around,
Looking forward to this time,
Enjoying to know,
The person that I am.

The end

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