Unexpected Future

Written by Tan Nguyen

I remember as a child,
My dreams were plenty,
Clueless with reality,
Wishing to be those I see,
In movies and television,
Going to bed at night,
Dreaming to be them,
When I grow up one day.

There was a time,
I wanted to be lawyer,
Naive I was as a child,
Now I know better,
Being a lawyer is no dream,
Innocent I was once,
Filled with innocence of hope,
Trusting everyone,
With their words.

There was a time,
I wanted to be a doctor,
Unsure now the reason why,
Perhaps influence by something,
I’ve seen on tv growing up,
Dreams were many,
Wanting to be everything,
Changing my mind,
Just as quickly.

Older I became,
More disappointed I became,
Slowly my dreams,
Faded away one by one,
As a small child,
I dreamt to be the world,
By the time I was a teenager,
Life lessons were harsh,
Dreams stopped coming,
Hated the world,
Hated everyone in it,
Hated myself more than anything.

Older I became,
The more I see,
Illusions broken,
Through naive eyes,
The world wasn’t,
What I was expecting,
There’s no happily ever after,
There’s no fairytale endings,
It was hopes and dreams,
Shattered with reality’s hammer.

Reality became gloomy,
Dreams no longer existed,
Though there’s no happily ever after,
It can still be achieved,
Through constantly trying,
Putting in the efforts,
Experiencing all the trials,
Life is an ongoing struggle,
Yet through those rare,
Glimpses of moments,
Obtaining happiness,
A precious moment of reward,
For all the things we’ve gone through.

The end

8 thoughts on “Unexpected Future

  1. I wanted to be a veterinarian. I think a lot of us are influenced by TV, including our parents. I feel like my parents expected me to be something with status like a doctor or a lawyer, no thanks! Oh well! I KNOW for a fact that I am happy living my simple life and enjoying the small things that most people take for granted. The people I work for, the big wigs, they have a lot of money, power and status but their life is not their own. I have no desire for that! Have a great weekend!

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  2. I can remember saying all the time that I couldn’t wait to grow up so I’d be free to do whatever I want. Now I wish I could be a kid again so I’d be free to do whatever I want. I think if we knew as kids what adulthood would be like, we’d be scared to death to grow.

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