Being only Myself

Written by Tan Nguyen

Poetry is a beautiful art,
Expressing the depths,
From the emotions within,
Beautiful souls communicating,
Using the same language,
In complete harmony,
With oneself and the world.

I rememeber the times,
Before you entered my world,
I was only surviving,
Now I am truly living,
With your smile,
You brighten up my world,
With your laughter,
My heart burst with happiness,
With you I no longer hide,
The person I am.

Ancient poetry has been written,
About godess upon the world,
Wondering if there’s truth,
Behind all the legends,
I believe it to be true,
Beyond the myths,
There lies some truths,
Although greatly exaggerated,
Passing through time,
Legends are true,
I’m seeing one now.

The end


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