Out of Reach

Written by Tan Nguyen

Sometimes things in life,
Ain’t meant to be,
Wasting all the strength,
Exhausting all the energy,
For something that’s not there,
Always just out of reached.

Sadness filling the heart,
Knowing deep within the truth,
Holding onto the lies,
Only for just a moment longer,
Even though it’s not real,
An illusion created in my mind,
It’s still beautiful, never the less.

Reaching out for something,
Reaching for things long gone,
Being just out of reached,
Despite the valiant efforts,
Despite the many attempts,
Ignoring the desperation,
In reaching out, hanging on,
Delaying the inevitable,
Which surely must come,
Ignoring doesn’t solved,
No matter how hard I tried,
Always out of reached,
Always beyond my fingertips.

The end

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