Here comes the rain

Written by Tan Nguyen

Dark rain clouds filling the sky,
Gathering together in one place,
Darker as more clouds,
Joined the others,
Reunions of friendship,
Long time in coming.

Joyous celebrations,
As more rain clouds arriving,
Laughter of seeing old friends,
Rumbling deeply across the sky,
Thunderous laughter can be heard,
Below upon the world,
Where humans dwells,
Flashes of lightning,
Sudden flashes over the sky,
Uncontrollably happiness,
Accidently releasing with burst,
Pure happiness being reunited,
With friends of old.

Darker making the sky darker,
As more continues to join in,
Darker as more friends showed up,
Filling all the spaces of the sky,
Affecting the world below,
Covering with it’s shadows,
A trickle begins the reunion,
Droplets of rain falling down,
Signalling the party has begun,
Gradually flowing steadily,
Pouring down upon the world,
Drenching, soaking everything,
Washing away the dirt,
Making everything fresh,
Cleaning, making it new,
Downwards the rain continues,
Celebrations in full swing,
Making it all new once again.

The end

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