Imperfect by designed

Written by Tan Nguyen

Everyone is beautiful,
Designed perfectly,
Flawlessly created,
Made with love,
Tenderness and care.

Beauty we possesed,
Commonly with everyone,
Viewed so often,
Unnoticed by all,
Taken no noticed of beauty,
Doesn’t defined the person,
Doesn’t set us apart,
It’s not the traits,
Which makes an impact,
Leaving it’s mark.

Our imperfections,
Defines the person we are,
It’s our imperfections,
Which sets us apart,
Making us unique,
From the billions of others,
Which walks the Earth,
Beauty is commonly found,
Our imperfections,
Makes us stand out,
Amongst the crowds.

Imperfections stays,
In the minds of others,
Leaving thoughts behind,
Letting others to remember,
The person whom we are,
Our faults in characters,
The things people wonder,
Thinking about us,
Through those things,
Which isn’t beautiful,
But imperfections.

The end

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