First day of February

Written by Tan Nguyen

Welcoming the first day,
February came with rain,
Along with the freshness,
Which follows the rain,
Bringing feelings of hope,
Pushing myself further,
Daring to dream once more.

As the rain continues to fall,
More of my doubts fades,
Easing out like the falling rain,
Steady calming sounds,
Hitting the grounds,
Smoothing my troubled mind,
Gaining in confidence,
As the rain continues it’s effect,
It’s hold upon my soul,
The more stronger,
I am becoming to be.

February, a new beginning,
To everything I once knew,
Letting go of the fears,
Which gripped me for so long,
Letting go of the doubts,
Which held me down,
Letting go of the past,
Which had made me,
But it doesn’t defined me,
February has taught me,
No matter how dark,
The world can be,
Time is always moving,
Constantly changing,
I can too, move on.

The end

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