Creative Genius

Written by Tan Nguyen

People’s compliments,
Their opinions and thoughts,
Are sometimes filled,
With only kindness,
Love in their hearts,
Genuinely caring,
Without bad intentions.

I am not a creative genius,
No where near that level,
Best poet of this generation,
I haven’t been published yet,
I am flattered and dumbfounded,
Speechless at times,
Knowing others thoughts,
Complimenting me,
With beautiful kindness.

I sometimes don’t know,
How to react to such things,
I am more comfortable,
When people’s thoughts,
Are negative towards me,
I am used to it,
Happened all my life,
That is the type,
Of elements I was with,
Never deeming myself,
Worthy of such praised.

Misunderstood by others,
When my replies are short,
It’s not as if,
I don’t appreciate such things,
It’s more like,
I really don’t know how,
To respond to such,
Beautiful compliments,
I am not a creative genius,
Only been living inside,
My own head for so long.

The end


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