Under the same Sky

Written by Tan Nguyen

Whether I am,
Close by,
Or even far away,
Great distances,
On the other side,
Of the world,
Look up into the heavens
We are under the blue,
Same beautiful sky.

Days may be storming,
Turning the blue,
Into darker until it’s grey,
Its still the same,
Beautiful sky we are sharing,
Beneath the heavens,
Where many memories,
We had shared together.

Lovely is the memories,
Made under the sky,
Chaos doesn’t last,
Nothing ever does,
Until now and forever,
No matter what happens,
We are still sharing,
The same sky above,
During those darkest days,
Even days which are sunny,
Facts will remained the same,
Beneath the majestic sky,
We are looking into,
At the same moment,
The sky we are sharing.

The end


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