Unexpected Gift

Written by Tan Nguyen

My surroundings in life,
All those structures,
The foundations I’ve set,
Came crumbling down,
Shattered into tiny,
Shards of millions.

With no one to turned,
Without anyone understanding,
The dramas which plagued,
A life I used to know,
Confusion begun to show,
Inviting chaos along,
Coming together as one,
Creating a world,
Which was more than,
I could ever handled alone.

Lonely I felt,
Isolated from everyone,
Having support around,
None knowing my feelings,
That dwells deeply within,
I wanted to cry out,
Make them understand,
The turmoil which resides,
With my every thoughts.

Without a way to release,
The built up feelings,
Pent up frustrations,
Feeling myself close,
Erupting and losing control,
A gift sent from above,
Writing came upon me,
Found me in desperation,
Cured the hurt I felt,
Healed me in ways,
I could never imagined,
A gift which I never,
Expected to received,
To be blessed with,
The most powerful,
Tools of the human world,
Knowing thyself.

The end

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