Bad and good Days

Written by Tan Nguyen

Some days,
Are harder than most,
Some nights,
Are more restless than some,
I have my good days,
I also have my bad ones,
Not always can I be,
Happy and joyful.

Some days are worst,
When I let my feelings,
Take over my thoughts,
There are still darkness,
Hiding somewhere within,
There are days when,
I am happy and glad,
For the right reasons,
Not to pretend.

Some nights are filled,
With negative thoughts,
Going around my head,
Missing out on my sleep,
Sometimes my mind,
Is troubled and confused,
Other times it ain’t,
Perhaps it depends,
On the kind of situations,
I find myself in.

What I am saying,
Is sometimes I have,
My bad days as well,
I can’t always be,
Cheerful and strong,
Somedays I am weak,
In need of loving care,
Nights are sometimes cold,
Needing only a hug,
Without any words spoken,
There are good and bad,
Everyone else has them,
So why can’t I?

The end

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