Finding my Way

Written by Tan Nguyen

As night descends,
Covering the land and sky,
Causing shadows to appear,
With the chills in the air,
Voices became quieter,
As the night grows older.

Walking through my life,
As if it were night,
Unable to see clearly,
The paths I had taken,
Stumbling around,
Falling over many places,
Visions being shrouded,
Resulting in mistakes,
Seeing things which,
Wasn’t even there.

Until the darkness lifted,
Making my visions bright,
Enabling me to see,
The paths I had taken,
Seeing clearly the road,
Less likely to tripped,
On things along the way,
In the darkness it’s hard to see,
In the brightness,
Everything is clear as day.

My journey up till now,
I walked for someone else,
Pleasing only them,
Neglecting my own needs,
Forgetting my own dreams,
Living for someone,
Other than my own,
Walking blindly into the night,
Ended up being lost,
Without any directions,
Towards my own paths.

Travelling along the paths,
With light opening my eyes,
The more I was able to see,
Making sense of situations,
Where I could never before,
Learning through mistakes,
There were so many,
Without those mistakes,
I wouldn’t be able to learned,
That in fact,
Those were indeed mistakes.

My path is my own,
Lived it wrong for most of it,
For others than my own,
It’s not yet the end,
To make amends,
For neglecting myself,
To make up for lost time,
When I didn’t care,
Nor paid attention,
Towards the person that mattered,
That person is me,
Time to undo those mistakes,
By learning the errors,
Making it right again,
Through my eyes only.

The end


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