Forward and backwards

Written by Tan Nguyen

Feelings of frustrations,
Sometimes having it’s way,
Getting the better of me,
Driving me insane,
Testing me in ways,
I haven’t been tested before.

One step forward,
Towards my goals,
Celebrating too soon,
Achieving my dreams,
When I finally thought,
I am moving forward,
With my life,
It seems I had taken,
Two steps backwards,
Frustrating to say the less,
Irritating to say the most.

This has occured,
Many times in my life,
When finally the thoughts,
Believed in advancing,
Reality of situations,
Has other plans planned,
Knocking my back,
Further way from my goals.

It’s true what they say,
The important things in life,
Doesn’t come easily,
Probably the most,
Difficult of battles,
Ever fought in a life time,
If this were true,
Giving up can’t be an option,
Must try harder,
Keep on pushing forwards,
No matter how it feels,
Being pushed backwards,
I must continue on,
No matter the cost.

Onwards I must go,
Regardless on how I feel,
I must somehow,
Overcome this obstacle,
Feeling determined,
Undeterred by all this,
I know within my heart,
It will be worth all the effort,
When the end comes my way.

The end


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