I believe

Written by Tan Nguyen

Everything in my life,
I believed it has happened,
Reasons beyond,
My limited understandings,
Knowledges I possessed,
Is all thanks to,
The experiences I undergone.

Friendships of others,
Crossing into our paths,
For reasons unknown,
Sometimes it’s to help out,
Lending a hand when,
Standing is difficult,
Heling us to stand,
When we can not on our own.

Appreciate those moments,
Hopefully they won’t,
Turned against you,
Towards the end,
Causing damages,
Which can’t be fixed,
Which can’t be undone,
Destroying everything,
Created together in the past,
That is the saddness,
Thing of all.

I believe,
That everything happens,
For reasons unknown,
Slowly revealing itself,
When the time is right,
The moment when,
I am ready to understand,
The complex nature,
Of the reasons why,
All I can really hoped,
Is to be strong enough,
Wise enough in dealing,
With such matters,
When the time arises,
Setting the challenges.

The end

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