Morning After

Written by Tan Nguyen

Tragedy strikes within,
The most vulnerable,
Weakest place of all,
Deep within the heart,
Where feelings are kept,
Protected with the higest,
Security forces known,
Being the priority,
Above all else.

Sometimes though,
Even when all measures,
Are taken to ensure,
Making sure it’s protected,
Something goes through,
Affecting the very centre,
Blind attack unexpecting,
Causing havoc,
Being unprepared,
For such an attack.

Feelings of love,
Being wanted and accepted,
Leaves the defenses,
Wide opened like a weakness,
Risky maneuvers,
Due to human emotions,
Least not to say,
It’s not worth it,
Finding the right kind,
The right gambles,
Is worth a million times over.

Hardening my heart,
Closing myself to the world,
I only discovered,
I was only hurting myself,
Affecting my progress,
In learning and growing,
I was stuck in place,
Due to isolating the world,
Keeping everything locked up,
Never letting anything in.

Morning after,
When I rejoined the world,
Even the problems,
That comes my way,
Seems a part of life,
Without the problems,
There’s no experiences,
There’s no learning,
Unable to grow,
It’s with the struggles,
I found it’s the only way,
For me as a human,
I need the struggles in life,
To actually live a life,
Only discovered this lesson,
The morning after.

The end

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