Moon as my protector

Written by Tan Nguyen

Whenever I am feeling down,
I searched the sky above,
Seeking out that familiar sight,
The glow of the beautiful moon,
Calms me with it’s presence.

As far as I can remember,
I’ve always depended on the moon,
To comfort me when I am down,
It has always been there for me,
It has never disappointed,
Nor let me down in any way,
Reliable source when nothing else,
Can be dependant upon anymore.

Looking into the moon,
Looking for so long,
Feeling at eased and calmed,
By the brilliant glow from above,
Always felt connected somehow,
As if there’s something I forgotten,
Triggering a memory inside my head,
Flashbacks of the past,
Comes rushing unsteadily in,
The moon is my protector,
When I am sad and down,
Conforting me through difficult nights,
Feeling lucky to have such feelings,
The moon means more to me,
Than anyone would ever know.

The end


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