Not much Longer

Written by Tan Nguyen

Many days has passed,
Since we were together,
Enjoying the company,
Being with each other,
Laughing and enjoying,
Holding one another.

It has been too long,
Since I held you close,
Seeing your smile,
Hearing your laughter,
Stroking your hair,
Making jokes on you,
Teasing you lovingly.

Missed the way,
When you tried,
Being angry with me,
Putting on your serious face,
Watching the anger,
Turns into a smile,
The way you can’t,
Stay angry at me for long.

Missed the way your face,
Lights up when you see me,
Seeing a massive smile,
Appearing on your face,
The happiness you show,
Feels my heart with joy,
Really missed you,
More than I ever knew,
That was humanly possible.

It has been far too long,
Since we were together,
Counting down the days,
When we shall be together,
Being in the presence,
Of each other again,
I will wait as long,
As time will take,
For that to happen once again.

The end

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