Seasons of Memory

Written by Tan Nguyen

Under the summer’s sun,
Joyful gatherings of family,
Close friends also invited,
Coming together at the park,
Not a cloud in the sky,
Childrens playing together,
Family pet also joins the fun,
Beautiful day on a summer’s day.

Autumn’s breeze blowing chills,
Stripping the trees bare,
Leaves falling to the ground,
Filling street to street,
Covering the grounds as they fade,
Whithering away for another day.

Winter’s freeze changing the sky,
Arriving with it’s blanket,
Wrapping the world nice and cold,
Icy breaths filling the lungs,
Huddling around the fire place,
Keeping warm through winter’s wrath.

Spring’s tenderness always caring,
Bringing life into the world,
Trees regaining It’s leaves,
Flowers once again showing,
New life can be seen growing,
In all directions across the land.

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring,
Four seasons of loneliness,
Remembering the times,
Remembering the feelings,
The special touches each brings,
Each season holds a special memory,
Keeping it forever safe,
Deep in my heart and soul,
Forever it shall remains,
Even eternity can’t take it from me.

The end


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