The way it turned Out

Written by Tan Nguyen

When I stopped and think,
About the way my life,
Has turned out,
Always leaves me speechless,
Stunned with such awe,

I try and imagined a life,
Living in another dimension,
Making different decisons,
Which changed the course,
Of the life I lived now,
It’s mind blowing yet fascinating,
Being true to myself,
Without being biased,
When I imagined that world.

The biggest event,
Which changed my life forever,
The life I have now,
If it didn’t happened,
If another decision,
Was chosen instead,
What kind of life,
Would I be living now,
I would still be,
Walking around aimlessly,
Without a purpose in life,
Drinking all night long,
Gambling all the time,
Living recklessly,
Being unappreciative,
Taking no noticed,
In anything other than myself.

Most certainly,
I wouldn’t be writing,
Wouldn’t discovered,
The person that I am,
Definitely not knowing,
The true values of life,
The smaller things,
Writing wouldn’t find me,
Even if it tried,
I would ignored it,
Only cared about having fun,
Only doing what I wanted,
According to my rules,
In my own time,
Doesn’t matter about anyone,
The world evolves,
Around me,
I was such an arrogant,
Self absorbed prick ha?

The end


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