To age or not to Age

Written by Tan Nguyen

Life is truly marvellous,
Miraculous in designed,
Flawless as a teacher,
Patience none other possessed,
Truly a masterpiece.

I’m unsure if age plays a role,
In my youthful years,
I hardly paused and think,
My actions were erratic,
Spur of the moments,
Making decisions without,
Hardly any thoughts,
The older I become,
The more I am thinking,
About life in general.

Deep in thoughts,
Unlike me at all,
Thinking about subjects,
Which never held my interest,
Even subjects which,
Bored me before,
Interesting to compare,
Myself as a youth and now,
Without a doubt,
The youth that I was,
Wouldn’t believed the person,
That I turned out to be.

Perhaps age plays a role,
The older I became,
The more I appreciate life,
Triggering my interests,
Widening the varieties,
Allowing my knowledge,
To expand to all subjects,
Maybe it is age,
Maybe it’s not,
Whatever is the reasons,
There’s no complaints from me.

The end

13 thoughts on “To age or not to Age

  1. i like it. also, i like how you put “the end” at end of your poems. like we are just kind of standing here thinking “iS THIS THE END or what” then you tell us…”yeah yeah this is the end, move along.” šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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