Beginning of the End

Written by Tan Nguyen

Everything has a beginning,
Everything has an end,
Start of a new story,
Begins with ending the old,
Sometimes it’s difficult,
Mixing the old and new together,
Nothing good shall come from it.

As the day begins anew,
With the rays of the sun,
Shining through the darkness of night,
Breaking the blackness in the sky,
Waking up the world,
For a fresh new day,
Life begins all over again,
Following the circle of life.

Future is filled with uncertainty,
Courage and strength is needed,
To walk into the unknown,
Unsure what to expect,
Prepared for anything unexpected,
Venturing into the beginning,
Nothing is written of the future,
I’m writing as I go along and advanced,
Stepping into unmarked territory,
A sense of hope filles within,
Nothing is written,
Therefore I can write anything.

The end

One thought on “Beginning of the End

  1. I really like this one. You’re so right about the challenges and rewards of change. I think I liked the ending most of all. Truly, nothing in our future is written, so we can write anything! Keep up the great work.


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