Constant Movement

Written by Tan Nguyen

Eventually everything changes,
Nothing remains the same,
There’s nothing new under the sun,
Everything has happened before,
Perhaps before we even existed.

The Earth is constantly spinning,
Weather is always changing,
Seasons come and goes by,
Sun and moon take turns,
Ruling the sky with their beauty,
Life is always flowing onwards,
Changes waiting around the corner.

Death waits patiently for life,
To run it’s course before arriving,
Everything has a purpose,
Appearing when it’s time,
A sense of law amongst the divine,
Following some agreements,
Made long ago before our existent.

Changes will gradually come,
Fighting against the tide of time,
Stubbornly hanging onto the past,
Holding onto the known,
Refusing to move on as the wind blows,
Resisting against the changes,
Is like fighting against the universe,
Though many has tried,
Believing they are above it all.

The end


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