Cruel and Twisted

Written by Tan Nguyen

The appearance of this poem,
Isn’t following my normal style,
It may be harsh yet it’s all true,
This is my way of complaining,
Letting out the unwanted emotions,
Before the explosion takes control.

There are many things,
Which had let me down heaps,
The biggest of all these things,
I can’t believe but it’s you,
The only person that knows me,
Truly knew me was you,
Despite knowing my fears and doubts,
Despite knowing my weaknesses,
You used it all against me and more.

I always expected these actions,
From the enemies around me,
I never expected it coming from you,
You knew every details of my life,
Knowing all the things you did,
Turning against me with falsehood,
Justifying yourself from illusions,
Trying to feel better about yourself,
For doing the things you had done.

All my life I was always misunderstood,
You used this trauma against me,
Playing at my fears and doubts,
Making me lose any self confidence,
To my face you claimed your care,
Declaring your friendship is true,
That all you do is from the heart,
These are nothing but lies,
Behind my back you spread lies,
Behind my back you stick a knife,
How could you do something like this?
From all the people in your life,
Whose the one that’s in the worst,
Situation and circumstances?
Isnt that person me?

To my face you pretend you care,
Behind my back you stabbed me,
To my face you pretend your my friend,
Behind my back you stabbed me,
Betrayed me more than anyone before,
How could you, out of all people,
Do this to me most of all,
You know my struggles and pains,
You know exactly what I went through,
You know the battles I undergone,
You know exactly how close I was,
In ending my own life that time,
You out of all people,
Knew how hard and difficult it was for me.

Maybe my life isn’t bad enough,
Maybe I deserved more grief,
More punishment to be dealt,
My insecurities you manipulated,
Knowing my secrets and inner thoughts,
Using all my knowledge against me,
What hurts the most is not because,
Of the betrayal of it all,
It’s the reasons behind it,
Saying it’s for me to understand,
That is the biggest pile of manure,
I had ever seen in my life,
You did it for your own selfish reasons,
I can accept the person I am,
I admit when I am wrong,
I know my reasons for what I do,
I don’t hide and make up stories,
At least I am true to myself,
Can’t say much about you.

The end


2 thoughts on “Cruel and Twisted

  1. It has to be said that life happens. I can relate to the sentiments above and, take me back 6 years, I was there. Time heals is another saying. It’s true. You have worth. Give it time. Writing about it can help, so keep writing. Take care, G:)

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