Saying goodbye to Yesterday

Written by Tan Nguyen

Daylight signalling a new day,
Saying goodbye to yesterday,
Farewell, closing another chapter,
Beginning a brand new story,
With hope instead of despair.

Saying goodbye to yesterday,
Those days are now left behind,
Remembering the lessons,
The experiences I had gone through,
Graduated from the university of life,
Heading towards my PHd level.

Putting the past behind me,
I’m indebted greatly for the past,
Without it I wouldn’t be,
Drawing strength from within,
Pushing me to breaking point,
Knowing my limitations,
Reaching beyond anything I believed,
Made me stronger than I was before.

Yesterday will always be important,
Nothing can erased the past,
Therefore I respect the opportunity,
It had presented itself to me,
Even though it’s important,
I can not allow the past,
To rule my present and future,
Putting the past where it belongs,
Where it shall remain forever more.

The end

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