Turned back Time

Written by Tan Nguyen

As the mighty winds continues,
Sending hurricanes into my world,
Destroying everything in it’s path,
Dropping everything on it’s head,
I wished I was back in time,
When things were simpler,
A time when it was less complicated.

Mighty forces of  the universe,
Unleashing it’s full power,
Destructive by nature I was,
Still am in many ways,
With time I leant control,
Some days things are overwhelming,
Testing the limits of my patience,
Breaking my tolerance level,
Beyond bearable.

These are the moments,
When I wished I was back in the past,
When time was easier to handle,
Without the dramas and problems,
In a moment of weakness,
My thoughts are locked onto escaping,
Wanting escaped back into the past,
Though it’s only momentarily,
All the wisdom and strength,
Gained throughout my life,
Kicks in and takes over my mind,
Been here a million times,
Time to come out and play.

The end

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