Exceeding Caution

Written by Tan Nguyen

Master of my own life,
Captain of my own ship,
Sailing wherever I wanted to go,
Setting the course of destinations,
Choosing the route and time,
Whenever, anytime I so choosed.

Rules set in placed,
For reasons most likely,
In protecting myself from being,
Hurt and used by anyone again,
Careful of those around me,
Choosing only a few rare people,
Into my inner trusted circle,
It’s supposed to be this way,
Yet, I trust to easily.

By now I am a foolish old man,
People wonder why I trusted,
Giving others chances so easily,
I want to live my life,
Without the worry of thoughts,
Knowing who to trust or not,
Drives a person insane with,
Constantly thinking about it,
I’d preferred as I always had,
See with my own eyes rather than,
Gossips which surrounds those,
With nothing better to do than talk.

Spending my time in thoughts,
About other people is insanity,
Expectations of what they will or not do,
Useless in wasting time,
Can’t predict the actions of another,
Even so in this regards,
I truly want to trust everyone,
Without trusting the people,
Than humanity is lost.

The end


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