Last Chance

Written by Tan Nguyen

When things are said and done,
When the anger subsides,
Emotions isn’t running high,
The arguments lessen each day,
Agreeing upon giving a last chance,
To work things out and be together.

Given the last opportunity,
Wasted all on something,
Something not worthy at all,
I knew I shouldn’t reply,
Shouldn’t reply to the trap,
For some reasons unknown,
I threw the last chance away,
For something not worthy of my time.

Making me interest with news,
Concerning my own life’s future,
Baiting me with my weaknesses,
Setting the trap with a hunter,
Trapping the unsuspecting prey,
I threw away something so great,
Wasted my last chance on something,
Vile and distasteful, unworthy,
Perhaps it’s what I deserved,
Being posioned by disgusting things,
Like it were something I craved.

The end

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