Trouble Approaching
Written by Tan Nguyen

Taking my breath away,
From such a great distance,
Across the plains,
In the horizon I saw,
Beauty like nothing else,
I ever saw in my life.

Being so far away,
Able to enjoy the magical show,
In my heart a warning bell rings,
Informing me danger is approaching,
Ignoring, continuing to marvel,
At the majestic sight before my eyes,
Letting the trance consumed me,
Allowing the enchantments to work.

Far, far away from danger,
With no immediate threat at all,
Admiring the beauty before my eyes,
From a great distance I see,
Nothing but spectacular displays,
Instantly my thoughts changed,
As the winds started blowing stronger,
Sending the danger towards my way,
Shivers running down my spine,
As the thing of beauty makes it’s way,
Closer to where I am.

Only from a distance were it possible,
To enjoy and appreciate such things,
Up close and personal,
That’s another story all together,
Being close, everything is destroyed,
Sending everything on it’s head,
Bringing chaos along for the ride,
Wiping out everything I held dear,
Changing my life, nothing remains,
From a great distance away,
My thoughts were in awe,
Closer it came towards me,
I knew the fury of mother nature,
Something I once thought of beautiful,
Was the same thing that destroyed my world.

The end


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