Breathtakingly Beautiful
Written by Tan Nguyen

Universe is stunningly amazing,
There’s no doubt about that,
Makes the largest person,
Feeling so small in comparison,
The complexity is mind blowing.

Imagined if given a chance,
To travel anywhere in the universe,
Discovering worlds within worlds,
The possibilities are endless,
There’s no limitations to anything,
No boundaries marked out,
The vastness of it all,
Makes me feel smaller than a speck.

How many different dimensions,
There are within other worlds,
What logic is there to be used by all,
When the logic we know is false,
The laws which we expected things,
To follow and behave are gone,
Thrown out the cosmic windows,
What if everything we were taught,
Were all wrong and we knew nothing.

What worlds can be continue on,
Living a life in ignorance,
To what is out there in the universe,
Pretending to be intelligent,
When knowing nothing at all,
It’s similar like an ant,
Thinking it rules the whole world,
Imagination is eternity,
Forever is the mind within ourselves.

The end


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