Redefining True Beauty
Written by Tan Nguyen

Perceptions differs through many eyes,
Information gathered processed,
Differently each of our minds worked,
Thinking differently as individuals,
Forming ourselves as we aged.

Constantly am I in searched,
Looking for beauty wherever I go,
Everything I have seen,
Throughout my whole life time,
There’s not a doubt in my mind,
Nothing can compete with nature,
Mother nature truly redefines beauty.

Throughout our ancient and modern,
History has seen many attempts,
In creating, imitating the beauty,
What we see in mother nature,
The sun we see everyday,
Is a great example of that true beauty,
Through all our attempts in creating,
Mother nature is always the champion,
Undisputed champion of life itself.

Despite the beautiful world around us,
Mother nature has yet another side,
Though she produced the most,
Incredible things which leaves us,
Breathlessly and in awe of it all,
Her destructive powers are,
Equalled to none,
With the creative brilliance like no other,
With the destructive force to eradicate,
Mother nature is without a doubt,
Truly beautiful, yet scary at the same time.

The end


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