Small Matters
Written by Tan Nguyen

Only if things were simple,
Maybe it is simple afterall,
Perhaps I am the one,
That’s not simple at all,
Making things complicated,
Through my immature mind.

Youthful days spent in ignorance,
Unaware of the smaller things,
Searching only for things unimportant,
Following the trends of others,
Persuing what’s popular and cool,
Forgetting the most important things,
Ignoring what mattered most,
In persuit of materialistic values,
Ignorance is truly a blessing.

While in search of the finer things,
Gained, yet still wasn’t satisfied,
With everything in my life,
Deeper into the trapped I went,
Aiming for goals which society dictates,
More I gained, more unhappy I became,
Until the day came when my eyes,
Begun to opened and saw things,
By observing nature without a sound,
Watching my surroundings,
Taking the time out of my life,
Without pursuing, only appreciating,
The smaller things, other existence,
Other than my own.

The end

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