When Onwards Looks Difficult
Written by Tan Nguyen

Looking ahead seems rough,
When onwards looks difficult,
To carry on forwards is hard to do,
Being scared of the troubles,
Which is waiting just ahead.

Strong winds blowing the waves,
Higher into the sky,
As it comes crushing down,
Thunderous noise causing shakiness,
Fearful of the lightnings ahead,
Chances of being striked is highly,
The way ahead looks impossible,
Terrifying, seeing it from afar.

Waves carrying, tossing violently,
Chaos looms all around the air,
Surrounding, dread filling the minds,
The way ahead looks rough and scary,
The way ahead makes doubt surface,
Thoughts of turning around,
Going back to where it’s safer,
Because the way ahead is,
Treacherous, filling the hearts,
With terror as great as the mountains.

No doubt the way backwards is safer,
Being there before, knowing everything,
Way forward is new and unknown,
Finding the courage to push on through,
Into the eye of the storm itself,
Decisions are to be made,
Resolves are needed to see it through,
Doing everything by half measures,
Is only doing things half complete,
Committing fully all of myself,
Is being fully determined,
Without a safety net of returning,
Leaving no options but to carry on.

The end

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