Evolving In Process
Written by Tan Nguyen

My birth was the beginning,
Of my conscience thoughts,
Being aware of my surroundings,
Even though I can’t remember,
Any memories of being a baby,
Coming into the world,
Unprotected, weak and defenceless,
Depending on the ones known,
As parents to protect and cared for me.

Growing up is my learning process,
Though it may looked the same,
My experiences were different,
From all the others around me,
We all went to school to be taught,
Which made us all walking,
Travelling on the same paths for awhile,
Making our lives paths crossed,
Only for a moment in time,
Yet, the important lessons were learnt,
Not from the school books,
But from the experiences of being,
Around other people,
And the connections we formed.

Evolving myself took alot of hurt,
When I was happy with my life,
It was a moments break in evolving,
Refusing to move on and let go,
Holding onto that happiness,
Comfortable with the way things were,
Why should anyone turn their backs,
In choosing a life away from all that,
In doing so, the universe decided,
It was time to proceed,
With my evolution and turned my world,
Into utter chaos and filled with sadness,
During those times,
I as a person, was evolving rapidly.

The end

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