Trust & Broken
Written by Tan Nguyen

Once upon a time,
Pure at heart,
Now no more,
Through the struggles,
Came the pain,
Shattered into pieces,
Mistrusting became normal.

Trusting once a time,
Without suspicious thoughts,
Once upon a time,
Long, long time ago,
When the pain,
Hasn’t been felt,
When the world,
Was gentle and caring.

Piece by piece,
Broken fragments being lost,
Blown with the winds,
Scattered across the lands,
Unrecovered through searches,
Buried beneath unknown place,
Whereas the purity lost forever,
Unable to remained the same.

Trust was invested in love,
With unprotected emotions,
Risking everything,
Body, mind and soul,
Unto another for the sake,
Being loved in returned,
Not meant to be,
Destiny has other plans,
Broken fragments left undiscovered,
Left buried as forever comes,
Being whole again,
Lost in eternity.

The end


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