At Worlds End
Written by Tan Nguyen

Surrounded with destructions,
Fallen buildings and structures,
Once were mighty, nation’s pride,
Laying now in nothing but ruins,
How the mighty has fallen,
Reduced to nothing but ashes.

As far as the eyes can see,
Everything is in flames,
Broken, damaged, nothing untouched,
Decaying, unkept foundations,
Blacken by the flames near by,
Nothing remains as before,
Affecting everything within the world,
The sacred, most private place.

A time before destruction arrived,
The world was filled with life,
Hope and dreams were plentiful,
Abundantly available for all to seek,
Beauty was found in all things,
Small or big, discovered in each part,
Growing fruitfully, waiting to be picked,
Only reaching out just a bit,
It’s always within the reached,
No matter how far it seems to be.

Takes time to rebuild, to heal,
Time is an ally, the same side,
Over time, no matter how long,
Rebuilding, restoring all the things,
When destruction came and claimed,
Touching with it’s filthy hands,
Infecting horrible effects and damages,
Now it’s time to heal and rebuild,
Everything which was lost,
Nothing will be the same again,
Though hoping to make it better,
Than ever before.

This is what your feeling inside,
This is what your going through,
No matter how long it may take,
I am beside you, rebuilding your world,
With these two hands,
I shall create a better world than before,
Together we shall make,
A world that is for only us.

The end

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