Written by Tan Nguyen

Whirling and twirling,
Around and around it goes,
Spinning without an end,
On and on it goes,
When it will stopped,
No body knows.

Circle motions it goes,
Never ending it seems,
Dizziness is felt,
Still going round and round,
Mixing with other thoughts,
Mingling all into one,
Dragging into the spin,
Round and round it follows.

Spinning around and around,
Combining a thoughts to one,
Unable to separate,
Unable to identify which is which,
Mixing into one thought,
Messy, confusing and dizzy,
Like a carnival ride,
Only going round and round.

Lost in thoughts,
Lost somewhere in between,
Round again it does,
Unable to know the differences,
Which thought is which,
Mixing up the thoughts,
Losing concentration,
As the twirling and swirling,
Continues on and on.

The end

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