Written by Tan Nguyen

Visions of reality fades away,
Turning into a dreamy state,
Daydreams as beautiful as the sky,
Nightmares are a thing of the past,
Floating through the air of possibilities,
Drifting dreamily alongside hope.

Flashbacks within the past,
Years gone by without a trace,
Back in time when things were simple,
When happiness was taken for granted,
Unappreciative of the things given,
Always wanting something more,
Overlooking the gifts right before us,
Oftentimes resulting in wanting,
Things we don’t understand completely.

Dreaming the day and night away,
Floating on the clouds sleepily,
Watching the world below passes by,
Viewing with dreamy eyes,
Seeing everything which isn’t there,
Dreaming within a dream,
Visions appearing temporarily,
Eyes closing tighter to delay waking up.

Dreamily as dreams appears,
Dreams materialising as imagined,
Within the heart projects desires,
Longing, the soul been waiting,
In reaching those thoughts,
Which turned into dreamily visions.

The end

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