Farewell Companions
Written by Tan Nguyen

Depression and despair,
My long time companions,
Holding my hand when I am down,
Throughout my life they were there,
Through the darkest times,
Leading the way to somewhere,
Always been near me,
Never too far away.

As far as my memories can see,
They were always close by,
Experiencing everything by my side,
Through the storms of life,
Even through the winds of change,
Holding my hand tightly,
Refusing to let me go.

In the darkness when I can’t see,
Leading me as I follow blindly,
Not knowing of another,
Trusting my companions completely,
Naive I was in those days,
Believing with all my heart,
My companions were helping me,
Choosing the right directions,
Leading me towards a future,
Which supposed to benefit,
With my best interest in mind.

My companions since the beginning,
When I cried out into the night,
They were always there waiting,
When I needed a shoulder to cry on,
They were beside me waiting,
Depression and despair,
Knows me intimately,
Knows me better than I know myself,
My companions since birth,
Travelling with me wherever I go.

Time for us to separate,
My dear companions,
I shall miss the comforts,
Of the presence I feel when your near,
I shall miss the intimacy,
As you’ve have shown me,
I shall miss the way you held my hand,
The way you make me feel,
When the world looked down on me,
Time to go our separate ways,
I am scared but I must let you go.

My sweetest of companions,
For you have always been there,
Beside me when I need you,
Now a point has came into my life,
Where you can not follow,
I shall miss you so much,
Who else will lend their shoulders,
When I want to cry,
Who shall be there for me,
When I cry out into the night,
With great sadness in my heart,
Leaving behind the feelings,
Which I had grown to depend upon,
The presence which I felt safe,

The future is not for you to follow,
I must go on alone,
I am afraid yet I must advanced,
You have always been there for me,
Makes me sad in leaving you behind,
Though the future is no place for you,
I shall remember those times,
Farewell my companions,
Farewell my protectors,
It’s been great having you in my life,
Now we must part ways,
Leaving you all behind,
Farewell, one day,
Maybe, we shall meet again,
Perhaps its only for a little while,
For my sake, I hope it won’t be true,
To never met you again in my life,
Farewell, my sweetest of companions.

The end

5 thoughts on “Farewell Companions

      1. That’s just it, as human beings we tend to fall back on the comfortable or the safe, so therein lies the cycle. Which pulls us inside it’s magnetic force.

        I break out of the sand dunes of my cycle, and then something will happen and I’m back in the pit, fighting to get out.


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